The Villain

Yes, I am the villain,
Alight with vengeance,
Seeking nothing but revenge,
With verse tawdry,
Yes, I am the villain.

But i have a story to tell,
Of how a hero so true
Metamorphosed into a villain
In the eyes of the world
How it bleeds inside the iron shell,
Large-heartedness rare to be found today’s men,
Yes, I am the villain.

Yes, I am the villain,
As you see,
My destiny,
Was to see an empty room,
And a revolving fan,
Just like it used to be,
Inspite of doing all that i can.
An empty heart and a bluesy room
Things scattered here and there
And dogs barking out of fear.

And i miss you,
And i am a jackass for falling for you,
But nonetheless, I love you,
Yes, I do,
Yes I am the villain.

By vivek

Poet,Writer,Web Developer and Aspiring Philosopher

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