Et All Prose Script:One Hundred Thousand Rupees

One Hundred Thousand Rupees Scene I

Dock Area- Scene 1 Evening

The containers sprang menacing shadows as the saffron sun was at the brink of its glory for the day in the dock area, the darkness seemed to rejoice at the beginning of yet another phase in the never-ending cycle of light and darkness that nature plays with us. DK stepped out of a cab as if a prince beyond and before his time had come to say a fateful goodbye both to himself as well as the light of the day. He waited for a while with a stillness comforting enough to make you want it to linger on. Upon close inspection of the eyes, one could see through the normalcy of the scene. The mobile phone chose that moment of the viewer when he just had started to ponder about what was going on, to ring. DK took up the phone:
“Hi! DK?”
“Yes, Raja where…”
“Look behind!”
An unknown person hugged DK and placed a packet in his hands. DK is as taken aback by the gesture as you dear reader. The person says nothing but walks out of the scene, just as abruptly he had audaciously intruded upon, with DK left mumbling to himself- “Will this work…?”