Another Face In The Crowd

Lead me on,
O’ Enchantress,
Lead me on.
Enchanted the throbbing heart feels,
Enchanted I have become.

The heartthrobs stronger,
The mind’s eye is fuller,
Than ever before.
And in the aftermath,
On this daze,
I look back,
I reflect.

Never to see you again,
Lost in the humanity of men.
Now the task at hand,
To immortalize the touch,
Of your tender yet resolute hands,
So that I never forget,
How it feels to be held by them.
And the moment triumphs.

Wherever you lead me,
O’ Enchantress,
May it be a blessed place;
Where I regain all that I have lost
Where I forget what this play of words cost,
And have your soul as my guide,
Forever alit amidst the dark, wintry night.

By vivek

Poet,Writer,Web Developer and Aspiring Philosopher

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