The World Around Me

As an empiricist i primarily rely on my experience as a source of my
knowledge and in the shaping of my beliefs, thus defining my identity
as a misanthrope phillanthropist.
As far as i have seen, tragically,
the marxist view about the nature of the state and the ruling class appears correct.
There is no forum to vent my anger at a ceaseless tale of being wronged.
There is no remedy except relentless
attempts of going ‘boli’.

I seek to usher in a glorious age of direct democracy and meritocracy
for all mankind. And in return i get to face all sorts of dirty
tricks. What will be the justice in such a case, i urge all sane
people to consider.

One thing that i do not know, i do not understand, is why some people
react to me this way? what influences their behavior? admittedly i do
not communicate with them directly. But i do write, in my blog.Please use it
in order to communicate with me.

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