Scene XX-One Hundred Thousand Rupees

2nd Scene of Delirium Flashback
Young D.K sitting in the dinner table with his mother and grandpa:”Mom! Serve dinner quickly, i’m starving.”
Just then the door bell rang. D.K’s Mom opened it and her husband came in.
DK:”Dad, join us.”
Dad:”I have had my dinner.” (irritated)
Mom:”Sure why will you have dinner with us. You were busy having fun with Tara.”
Dad:”These words does not suit you. Whenever you get the chance yo go to bed with your junior, Sam.What do you think? I don’t know anything.”
Mom:”Don’t you dare utter a word against Sam. We got married together, remember. You too have to bear some of the responsibilities.”
DK’s Grandpa interrupted: “What are you doing in front of the little boy? Have you lost all of your senses?”
Mom:”Look at your son. What kind of son have you produced.”
Grandpa:”D.K. I see that you have finished your dinner.Let’s go to your room and i will tell you a story.”
D.K’s Grandpa gently took his hand and accompanied him to his room.

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