Scene XVI-One Hundred Thousand Rupees

Day 3
Waking up in the morning around 10:30 am and not finding Pat in the room D.K shouted out”Hey!Pat Where are you?”
Pat(from inside the bathroom):”I’ll be there in a minute.”
With a towel wrapped around her, Pat came in with her long and wavy hair all wet.
Pat:”can you please leave the room for a second?”
D.K. snapped:”Why?”
Pat: “Do you want to see me change?”
D.K. quipped:”Any problems if i wish to do so?”
Pat: “No”
D.K: (smiled)”Anyway let’s leave it at that.Go ahead and change.”D.K left the room.
After a while
Pat:”You can now come in”
D.K came inside and said “Today i will show you how i lead an ordinary day.”D.K strapped on a bag in his shoulders.

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