Scene XV-One Hundred Thousand Rupees

DK was asleep in his room when Pat barged in
Pat:”Get up! Its 11″
DK opened his eyes slowly and sat up.
Pat:”Tea is at the dining table.Get up and get fresh.”
DK had his bath, changed his clothes and came back.
Pat:”So, now what?”
DK:”Do you like music?”
Pat: “Some genres”
DK: “Rock?”
Pat:”Some bands”
DK: “Beatles or Floyd?”
DK:”Floyd. Beatles, without a shadow of a doubt are one of the best bands ever but floyd is like god to me.”
Pat:”Floyd is good but Lennon is comparable.”
DK:”I beg to differ. My inkling is towards tragedy.Namely, Syd Barrett, Morrison and Cobain.” If they would not have gone on self-destruction, there’s no limit to what they could have done.”
Pat:”Rock n Roll tragedies? I sense that you yourself look at yourself as a kind of tragic hero.”
DK sighed heavily but said nothing.
Pat: “Local Bands?”
DK:”Strictly Fossils and James.”
Pat:”Mohiner Ghoraguli?”
DK: “Haven’t listened”
Pat:”Then you are a heretic. Listen to them. Definitely listenable.”
DK:”Hindi songs? especially Kishore’s sad songs?”
Pat:”Warms your heart, makes you realize that there are people with more pain than you.
DK:”…Do pal ka pyar yeh(subtitle-this love of two fleeting moments). It is these moments of life that redeem it.
Pat:” But i dont agree with this tragic philosophy of yours. One must face life, accept the challenge and withstand adversity.Not runaway from it.
DK: Perhaps. But there’s another side to the coin.It’s no crime to escape when you’re held unjustly.A thing called the modern existentialist crisis.
Pat: “Literature?”
DK:(With a smile)” Same thing there.Tragedy.Keats, Shelley, Byron with a bit of Coleridge thrown in for good measure. I consider the ages of 24-36 to be the ideal time to die.”Those who are beloved of the gods die young.” this byronic emotion has a certain ungodly charm to it.”
Pat:”Rubbish! One must face life no matter how daunting it might seem.”
DK: “You have that courage. I don’t. When no one comes to wipe out my tears, feed me when needed, give me shelter during a stormy night, how can they interfere with what i wish to do with my life. My life, my choice. A thing called euthanasia.”
Pat:”Let’s just leave this depressive shit!. What about Philosophy?”
DK: “Heraclitus and Nietzsche”
Pat: “Nietzsche!? Why? Are you a woman-hater?”
DK:”Nope, in fact i don’t agree with his ethics but i am indebted to him for two things.”
Pat:”What are they, if i may ask?”
DK:”First of all it is from him that i derived that the ruling class controls the structure of society and social norms.They mould it in a way that it makes it easier for them to rule over it. Ordinary people follow that, as Nietzsche terms it, herd mentality.”
Pat: “Secondly?”
DK:” The concept of the Superman. I respect beyond good and evil but not mere evil.”
Pat:”I understand.”
Pat came close to him, put her finger in her lips and said”All you require is a girlfriend.”(They kiss each other.)Scene fades out.

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