Scene XIV:One Hundred Thousand Rupees

In the evening DK was smoking a cigarette:
DK: Wanna go to the roof?
After going to the roof in a full moon night
DK: “The night-sky is beautiful,isn’t it.”
Pat nodded her head slowly in agreement.
Both of them sat down in the roof.After a while Pat slowly held DK’s hand and pushed his head in her laps.
PAT: “You need a decent girl that’s it, and you’ll be fine.”
DK: (smiled melancholically)”DK and women mix well”
There was a period of romantic silence. Then DK said” But one thing I must admit there is a certain kind of solace in this, lying here in this moonlit night, with my head in your laps.”
Pat: Replied with an air of sadness-“Don’t fall in love with me, for at the end of the day I am nobody’s.”
DK: “You have a good soul. I am a poor judge of people but my sixth sense tells me that you have a heart of gold.”
Pat with a sigh: “Who knows”

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