Scene XI:One Hundred Thousand Rupees

Scene XI-One Hundred Thousand Rupees
Pat and DK stopped the car in front of DK’s House.They paid the cabbie and entered the house. The clock in the living room showed 1:06 pm
DK:”Want some tea”
Pat: “Where’s the kitchen?”
DK pointed towards the left
DK: “Why?”
Pat: “Let me make the tea.Just lay back and relax.”
After a while from inside the kitchen
Pat:”There’s nothing much here except some noodles.What will we have for lunch?”
DK quipped: “Why noodles”
Pat gave a look of exasperation and after some time came out with two tea cups and handed one over to DK and said”Finish the tea quickly, we’ll go out.”
Pat:”To the market to get some decent food.”

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