Genius, Madness And A New Political Order

What is genius? A mad flurry of insanity? A trance like state with the divine power of creation and the lunacy that goes with it. Or is it the ability to comprehend things unnoticed by others, to see a pattern in the meaningless.

What is insanity? Human behavior when confined within rational norms, is normal and when it is contradictory to traditional measures it is treated as abnormal. And when this eccentricity is out of bounds it is treated as insanity.

But the greatest truth was revealed by Nietzsche when he rightly inferrred that insanity in individuals was something rare while when dealing with humanity it is the rule.

With regards to power and political structure i seek to usher in a system of direct democracy and meritocracy. Power should be delegated to spiritual men of power as they are more unlikely to misuse it. Major policy decisions should be decided by referendums and after presentation of their effect on all scientific demographies by impartial authorities.

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