Why I Feel Sad

People complain that most of my literary works are pessimistic, but that is only because my experience doesn’t inspire much optimism. I had devoted my life to the ultimate cause of humanity from 17. And after 11 years of meds, sacrifices for my family and my world it still boils down to zero both from the end of my world and my family. These are personal issues but they now have taken a universal perspective. So, what i have done for the world, my country and my family. For the first question i would like you to visit www.idealworldonline.org while it’s still there(i don’t know whether ill be able to pay the domain renewal fees), i left two golden opportunities for the cause of doing good to my country, fought with my pen and blog against unjust and baseless authorities who left no dirty trick left to be used against me. I sacrificed my job for my family during a period of crisis for my family, left a career opportunity so my brother could have one.Now my family has almost forsaken me except driving me out, my life is at threat in my country and the world watches in muted silence.WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.

First Law of philanthropy: The amount of good you want to do is directly proportional to the amount of resistance you will meet and the amount of self-harm likely to be inflicted.

But, i am not going to give up. Besides after working out a system for direct democracy, zero black money monetary system, working on a new political order, transforming visions of space cities into reality, releasing free literary ebooks, and presently working on a short film, no i am not going to give up. A word is a word and i am a gentleman.

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