Barisha Dhara Majhe Santiro Bani(বরিষ ধরা-মাঝে শান্তির বারি) By Rabindranath Tagore

Barisha Dhara Majhe Santiro Bani

Amidst the bosom of the earth, descends the water of peace,
Along with an arid heart
Ascend mortals.
Let the darkness be banished, let all illusions and sins be dispelled,
Let all sorrow and lament be proscribed.
Let the heart be holy, the soul firm,
Let all obstacles be conquered.
Why this animosity, this malevolence, why this facade
Why this ego, this pride,
Bestow, Bestow love to the stone hearted,
Victory, Victory to Thou.

-Translated by Vivek Chakraverty

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