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This is a collage of my creative outpourings reflecting the journey of my life, the sensations i had, the overwhelming emotions i felt through the quest for an identity, the longing for belonging, while passing through a severe identity crisis. These musings mirror my escapades of childhood, the amorality of adolescence and redemption upon attaining maturity. Today after going through numerous ups and downs, from evil to good, while traveling through the various strata of society-black, white and numerous shades of grey till the final enlightenment of my identity-The Seeker of the Truth.


Lights- A Free Anthology of my writings can be downloaded from the link on the menu on the left.

I am also seeking collaborators for an utopian project. I am looking for some individuals with expertise in History,Psychology,Economics,Sociology and Philosophy. If interested please contact

Also currently i am publishing a script written by me scene by scene called One Hundred Thousand Rupees.So stay tuned. One warning though it is for mature readers.

Also please note that this is my literal diary and some posts may be mere imaginary ramblings.

Latest: I have released a short film.

Important: I would like more readers feedback about my work and what they expect of me.

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Please donate in order to make both ends meet for this struggling artist.




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  • The Villain October 17, 2014
    Yes, I am the villain, Alight with vengeance, Seeking nothing but revenge, With verse tawdry, Yes, I am the villain. But i have a story to tell, Of how a hero so true Metamorphosed into a villain In the eyes of the world How it bleeds inside the iron shell, Large-heartedness rare to be found […]
  • As I Feel October 17, 2014
    And when i dwell on the show of worldly life, The sorrows, the tears, The emptiness of life, The darkness of the night. Its all useless i say, And happy is the one, Who begins each day with a smile, And toils without decay, The endless in between miles, And with a smile ends his […]
  • Awards, Prizes and Luminaries October 10, 2014
    This is the email i sent to Amnesty International at on September 22 of this year. “The End: My Story India has become a place livable only by persons who are either the mindless followers of the Liberal Taliban on one hand or yes saying sycophants of the coteries of varied sorts. Don’t believe […]
  • Songs of Yearning September 30, 2014
    Those who follow my blog might have some concern for me due to my relative inactivity. Indeed the times are not exactly going smooth(a few days some people tried to hit me in my crotch), but the fact is that i have been busy exploring the wonderful possibilities offered by video. No, thankfully i am […]
  • Time August 11, 2014
    Category: Product #: Regular price:$ (Sale ends !) Available from: Condition: Good ! Order now! Reviewed by on. Rating:
  • Peace August 9, 2014
    It is here that i will find peace, In the darkness of the night. Category: Product #: Regular price:$ (Sale ends !) Available from: Condition: Good ! Order now! Reviewed by on. Rating:
  • The Metaphysic of Love August 5, 2014
    Is it here that I will find peace, In the darkness of the night, When the darkness is alight, Into the thin air, Of hate and despair. Is it here that the battle lies, Where the duel of the fates vie, Is it here in the darkness of the soul, Where the rivers grow old, […]
  • 2441139 August 3, 2014
    ২৪৪১১৩৯ থেকে এখনো ফোন আসেনি, আমি পান করে চলেছি গরল, নীলকন্ঠ আমার ফুস-ফুস গুলো আর কালো ধোয়া সহ্য করতে পারছে না. মন ভেঙ্গে চোখে সুধু পরে আছে পেগ আর সোডা-জল, মৃত্যু আমার পা বেয়ে ধীরে-ধীরে উঠে আসছে, কিন্তু সভ্য, শিক্ষিত সমাজের তাতে কিছু যায আসে না, ২৪৪১১৩৯ থেকে আর কোনো ফোন আসবে বলে মনে হয় […]
  • The Garden Of Innocence July 11, 2014
    The contemplating calmth of philosophy, Provides me with a needed sense of sanity, To bare my heart in words, To lay upon my soul in verse, For it is you I love, And it is for you I turn to hate, As i feel the dark side of the fates. In the roads that I […]
  • How I Suffer Without You June 30, 2014
    I ask myself why i hate myself? And the heart returns because you love her so, Do i hate my self for in the passions of your eyes i dwelve, Because i want you so, Is that the cause of my woe? And in this woe, As the meaningless world revolves to and fro. I […]

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