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This is a collage of my creative outpourings reflecting the journey of my life, the sensations i had, the overwhelming emotions i felt through the quest for an identity, the longing for belonging, while passing through a severe identity crisis. These musings mirror my escapades of childhood, the amorality of adolescence and redemption upon attaining maturity. Today after going through numerous ups and downs, from evil to good, while traveling through the various strata of society-black, white and numerous shades of grey till the final enlightenment of my identity-The Seeker of the Truth.


Lights- A Free Anthology of my writings can be downloaded from the link on the menu on the left.

I am also seeking collaborators for an utopian project. I am looking for some individuals with expertise in History,Psychology,Economics,Sociology and Philosophy. If interested please contact

Also currently i am publishing a script written by me scene by scene called One Hundred Thousand Rupees.So stay tuned. One warning though it is for mature readers.

Also please note that this is my literal diary and some posts may be mere imaginary ramblings.

Latest: I have released a short film.

Important: I would like more readers feedback about my work and what they expect of me.


Please donate in order to make both ends meet for this struggling artist.




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  • DoAble April 5, 2014
    DoAble is a video post or as it is properly called vlog regarding differently abled persons doing things their way though perhaps only for one solitary night.
  • The Sky and Me March 15, 2014
    The sky limitless and free, Neverending and what i aspire to be. The bountiful nature i come across As pious as the Hindu Om and Christian Cross, The clouds float by, Pearls o’er neck of the sky. Like adversity in a man’s life, The river rolls on, Through the creeks and the vales, By the […]
  • Liberation February 19, 2014
    Grant me death, O’Father, Remove the woes of this god-forsaken life, The wretched fate, Being punished for crimes commited against me, Persecuted for my traditional belief, Of emotional and sexual morality, Damned for resisting Nietzsche’s ethics, Economic, political and societal, For today’s world is his hell, And man thinks all is well. So, Lord, Liberate […]
  • Death 2:Euthanasia February 16, 2014
    What do you say to a man who seeks death? Who breathes rage, lives only because of his hate, What do you do to a person who prays everynight for death, Whose life is but a tragic disarray of suffering, Of misery, A consequence of not his doing, Whose life is but a crime, Each […]
  • The Cosmic Tragedy February 15, 2014
    Symphony of destruction, The opera of tragedy, The orchestra of the heavens, Man’s wretched face, The dance of untamed fury, The celebration of rage. How the world makes one evil, How the times makes a god, a devil, The dark side beckons, A hell for me, a hell for all, There’s nowhere left to fall. […]
  • Death February 15, 2014
    I searched for death, In the dying streets of hurt and regret. I searched for death, In my heart’s bleeding depths. I searched for death, In their cheating love’s theft. I searched for death, In the superficial life’s maze. I searched for death, In the unlit roads of haze. I searched for death, To attain […]
  • You’ll Never Come Back January 12, 2014
    No matter how many tears i shed, No matter how much i regret, The violence, the suffering, That I unwillingly inflicted. You’ll Never Come Back If only You could see me like this, A man, a honest gentleman, A gem in the dust, The iron that does not rust, No matter how much i wish, […]
  • NHUT6TGA8RWK January 11, 2014
  • Waiting January 6, 2014
    Waiting Tick-Tock,Tick-Tock, Goes the clock, As passes months and days, Numerous May’s But I wait, I wait. With disappointment, regret envy and hate, The World is sate, A better world, A superior kind, I await. Still there is hope, I reaffirm, Till there is a single person, Carrying the burden, Truth, Non-violence and good, Yes, […]
  • Death January 4, 2014
    Death, O’ dear death, It is you I seek, In the forgotten maze of the subconscious, In the eternal longing for rest, The transcendental need for peace, O’ death it is you i seek. As the last refuge of this lost homeless, As the sanctuary of the persecuted, Death, O’ dear death Take me to […]

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